SAMUEL STUDIO – Useful animated movie



Experience the exceptional 3D form and meticulously crafted texture that accentuates the attractiveness and precision of this animation. We draw inspiration from the unique poster by Przemysław Durlik promoting ‘little adorations’ throughout the year. In our animation, the applied 3D forms seamlessly complement the graphics, creating a cohesive whole.

Poster of the 10th edition of Worship in center City basis for the animation spot

The uniqueness of the 3D form in this animation is evident not only in its aesthetics but also in the thoughtful application to the graphics. The textures subtly highlight each detail, creating unique impressions that captivate with precision and virtuosity in approaching art.

3D solid frame with hands holding the holy host

It’s not just an ordinary spot; it’s a tribute to the attractiveness of 3D form and intelligently applied textures that underscore the uniqueness of the obtained graphics.