Armenian Cathedral in Lviv and its Creators

Explore the History of the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv!

Even though the pandemic imposes limitations, the Museum of Cultural Dialogue in Kielce has decided to open the doors to the fascinating history of the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv through a unique documentary film accompanying the exhibition. I was entrusted with this task with passion and precision to provide an unforgettable experience even for those who cannot be present in person.

The film, created specifically for those who cannot directly attend the exhibition, takes viewers on a journey through centuries of history, architecture, and culture. With the expertise of Dr. Michał Wiśniewski from the International Cultural Center in Krakow, we uncover the secrets and significance of this monumental building and its creators.

Discover the details that bring to life not only the architectural excellence but also the spirit and community surrounding the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv. Experience a history intertwined with diverse cultures and traditions, creating a unique mosaic of the past.

In addition to editing, I also had the pleasure of animating logos and informational overlays, adding dynamism and depth to highlight crucial moments in the story.

Thanks to this film, regardless of distance or limitations, everyone can appreciate the beauty and cultural richness of this unique place. It’s more than just a journey through history – it’s an invitation to understand and appreciate a legacy that still speaks to us from distant epochs