Every man hides a secret. It is a great wealth of beauty and freedom. In fact, no one can take that away from him without his consent. It turns out that no circumstances can pose a threat of losing this treasure.

Painted landscape with a tower

Despite difficult circumstances, poverty, lack of education and illiteracy, Nikifor Lemko from Krynica retained this freedom. Using the modest means available (packaging paper, court forms, cardboard, chalk, pencils, cheap paints), he pursued his creative desires inspired by his own mystery. He was an artistic phenomenon, he had an extraordinary talent and innate painting intuition. He left behind a beautiful world of paintings, drawings, watercolors and gouaches. His work is a source of inspiration for many artists to this day.

The National Museum in Kielce encouraged people to get to know Nikifor’s work by preparing an exhibition of his paintings in the branch of the Museum of Dialogue between Cultures in Kielce.

As part of the promotion of this exhibition, I had the opportunity to prepare a short promotional motion graphic for which I used the figure of Nikifor from the artist’s self-portrait. A simple character rigging animation was created.

The exhibition of Nikifor’s work was also accompanied by a film photographed by the curator of the exhibition Artur Ptak. Samuel Studio was responsible for preparing the animated elements (character rigging, displaying selected images) and editing the entire material. I used individual elements from the artist’s paintings and boards imitating cardboard, thanks to which the video gained a form corresponding to the nature of the artist’s work. The use of these measures also strengthened the branding of the promotion of this event. This is how the film was created, which is an integral part of the exhibition. Thanks to the video, visitors could broaden their knowledge about the outstanding Lemko from Krynica in an attractive way, get to know the region where he lived and the history of the development of his painting.