What’s next?

Play Video about White handwritten inscription What's next on a black background

The Museum of Cultural Dialogue in Kielce, sensing the pulsating rhythm of the contemporary world, once again reached out to me with the challenge of creating something extraordinary. I responded to this call by engaging in a project documenting their remarkable Museum Action inspired by the question “What’s next?”.

Our film is not just an observation but also a documentation of participants’ attempt to answer this extraordinary question. Those who had the opportunity to ponder the question “What’s next?” were invited to record their reflections on specially prepared boards, placed in the atmospheric outdoor setting of the museum.

In times when the pandemic is shaking our societies, when the situation in Belarus remains uncertain, and armed conflicts around the world persist, this question becomes fundamental. It’s a question that forces us to reflect on the future, on what may come and how to prepare for it.

Through the lens of the camera, we uncover these boards as a testimony to human experiences, feelings, and desires. It’s not just a record of words but also an expression of emotions and hopes that lie deep within our hearts.

Interweaving the challenging circumstances of our times with inspiring stories of people striving for a better tomorrow, our film uncovers new perspectives and opens the door to discussions about what’s next for our society, our planet, and each of us.

However, that’s not all! In our documentation, we also utilized the fascinating form of animation. Animation and documentary blend together, creating an extraordinary spectacle that transcends the boundaries of traditional documentary filmmaking. Through animated logos, transitions, and 3D compositions, the story gains a new dimension and becomes even more engaging for the audience.

These animated elements not only enrich our documentation but also give it a modern edge, capturing the audience’s attention and immersing them in a narrative about uncertain times and the quest for answers to the question “What’s next?”.