SAMUEL STUDIO – Useful animated movie


The Story of Thomas – The Apostle of Belief

Preparing animations in the style of Vox Animation for the project dedicated to Saint Thomas the Apostle was a fascinating experience for me. This animation style, characterized by simplicity, clarity, and the ability to condense content, proved to be perfect for conveying deep faith messages. Each of the short, 10-second animations contained not only aesthetics but also depth of message, showcasing key moments from the life and mission of Saint Thomas.

Choosing this particular animation style turned out to be spot on. The simplicity and clarity of this style allowed for an effective portrayal of the emotions, doubts, and triumphs of Saint Thomas in a way that resonated with the audience. Each frame aimed to touch the hearts and minds of viewers, bringing the Apostle’s faith experience to life in an inspiring and thought-provoking manner.

In this way, the animations became not only a visual element of the project but also a tool for deeper understanding and experiencing the story and spiritual journey of Saint Thomas the Apostle. I believe their presence in the project contributed to its greater impact on the audience, inspiring them to reflect on their own faith and spiritual development.

I believe that these short animations in the style of Vox Animation for Bibleunbound are an essential part of the project, which not only brings the story of Saint Thomas the Apostle closer but also inspires us to deeper understanding and experiencing of our own faith journey. May they serve as a source of inspiration and reflection for all who have the opportunity to see them.

The NEW Story of David: King of Israel

After plucking the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, people long to return to a pure state without sin. But they cannot pluck the fruit from the tree of life by themselves. Any attempt to get by on your own without trust in God ends tragically. Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise. But God does not abandon them. 

Frame from animation with a hand reaching for the fruit of life

I have created an Animated video that shows this situation. And it is an introduction to the film prepared by Bible Unbound, in which the author, analyzing this situation, finds an analogy in the History of David, his defeats after his victories.