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cover 12 chrzescijanskie granie


There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. I will not be perverse when I talk about my total involvement in this giving in this project. In this process, working with Mateusz Stolarski from Prophet Media, I was responsible for creating a visual concept for promoting this event from scratch. On its basis, Mateusz prepared graphics and posters. I was able to solidify the brand by consistently implementing the conceptual assumptions with the help of Karol Regulski from Dobrym Okiem fotography, which provided photographs from the archives of the festival and a lot of support from Beu for their amazing music. In this way, a series of short spots adapted to various media was created, promoting the 12th edition of CHRZEŚCIJAŃSKIE GRANIE FESTIVAL. 


Colour rings with strokes

“A” is a short story in an economical animated form – Winning the 20th edition of the “Engagingly About Antennas” competition organized by DIPOL.

Colour rings with strokes
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