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The Bible In a Sentence

The Bible In a Sentence cover
Discover Truth in a Single Sentence: The Bible in a Sentence
 Today, I’m excited to share with you another thrilling adventure with Bible Unbound. Collaborating on the creation of “The Bible in a Sentence” booklet proved to be an inspiring challenge with incredibly satisfying results.
Shaping the Product: Inspiring Illustrations
My task wasn’t just about creating illustrations, but also enriching the reader’s experience by visually capturing the essence of each book of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that the beauty and power of the Bible’s message can be made even more accessible through carefully chosen images.
Men talking in prison illustration
People with tongues of fire above their heads illustration
Collaboration with Vokol Branding: Professional Preparation
In executing this project, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kyle Mack from Vokol Branding, who was responsible for layout and preparing the project for printing. His professionalism and dedication significantly contributed to making “The Bible in a Sentence” not only visually stunning but also perfectly prepared for printing.
Product Promotion: Short Films, Big Impressions
Our illustrations not only inspired readers but also lent themselves well to animation. Several short films were created, showcasing each illustration in motion, creating wonderful visual experiences and encouraging exploration of “The Bible in a Sentence.”
The Bible in a Sentence: Accessibility and Choice
We can’t wait for you to experience this exceptional collection for yourselves. “The Bible in a Sentence” is available for order in print or as a free download, inviting everyone to discover the truth and inspiration found in every sentence of the Bible.
Join us on a journey through the Holy Scriptures in a single sentence!
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