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The music video “Puppeteer,” which I crafted at Agnieszka Majcher’s request from the band YAGOOSH, takes viewers on a journey through emotions and relationships, where every gesture, every image holds a deeper meaning. Inspired by selected photographs by Magdalena Szczykutowicz, I transformed them into 2D animations and added extra elements in 3D.

The animated additions, with their naive charm, infuse a delicate sense of nostalgia and simplicity. Through subtle manipulations, Magdalena Szczykutowicz’s photos come to life, creating picturesque scenes that resonate with the song’s message.

In these animated depictions, characters move like marionettes, subject to invisible forces shaping their destiny. Their gestures and movements convey the fragility of human existence and dependence on relationships with others.

Additionally, the animated effects, such as clouds drifting against the backdrop of the sky, lend an aura of mystery and reflection to the video. Light flickers like stars in the night sky, while abstract shapes add depth to the overall composition.

My naive animations guide viewers through a labyrinth of feelings and thoughts, prompting questions about the essence of human existence and interpersonal relationships. Through manipulation of colors, shapes, and movement, I strive to highlight the contrast between light and darkness, symbolizing the inner struggle of the protagonist.

In summary, “Puppeteer,” created at Agnieszka Majcher’s request from the band YAGOOSH, is not just a visual journey, but also a reflective narrative about the fragility of human destiny. My animations, based on Magdalena Szczykutowicz’s photographs, add a new dimension to this artistic production, prompting viewers to reflect on their own relationships and values.



  • Agnieszka Majcher – vocals
  • Ala Zawisza – guitars
  • Damian Szydłowski  – keyboard
  • Wiktor Michalczyk – percussion
  • Lyrics – Agnieszka Majcher

Music – YAGOOSH 

Video script: Agnieszka Majcher 

Video: Paweł Pauksztełło

Photos by Magdalena Szczykutowicz