SAMUEL STUDIO – Useful animated movie


Through careful work and dedication, I managed to create a LOGO animation that smoothly blends everyday symbols with sacred imagery, leading the viewer straight to the heart of our event.

Every detail has been thoughtfully considered – from fluid movements to cohesive composition. As a result, our logo not only informs about the event but also inspires participation. But that’s not all! Our visual identity also focuses on simplicity and clarity, allowing the logo to attract attention and be remembered by viewers.

I want our animation to be more than just an image of the event; I want it to be a symbol of my passion for worshiping God and my desire to share that passion with others. So I invite you to an exciting journey to the heart of worshiping God, expressed in the form of this lively and thoughtful logo animation for KIERUNEK UWIELBIENIE –  DIRECTION Worship.